How to register (sign-up) as a provider of goods and services in the 360 Providers' Portal

360 is for buyers who create requests for tender, quote, etc. and providers of goods and services.

Any organisation can register to respond to requests.

Step-by-step guide

To register (sign-up) as a new provider:

  1. Visit
  2. Under Getting Started, click on Sign up
  3. Enter your Email Address
  4. Optionally, enter your ABN

  5. Check the box to Agree to terms

  6. Click Next

ABN is recommended

Buyers often want to see the Legal Entity Name for each respondent.

When you register with your email address alone, your Legal Entity Name will be based on your email address.  When you enter your ABN, your Legal Entity Name will be retrieved from the Australian Business Register.

The 360 Support Team strongly recommends you enter your ABN.

At this point a number of things could happen:

  1. If the ABN or Legal Entity Name is already registered with 360 you can:
    • Request access from your colleagues - an email will be sent to the account's administrators
      Note, if they don't give you access, you can still create a new account but you may inadvertently respond to requests (for tender) simultaneously instead of collaboratively
    • Register a 2nd account - suitable if an account is no longer accessible
  2. If the email address is already registered you can:
    • Try signing in
    • Request for your password to be reset with the Recover Password feature
  3. If the email is new and no matching account is found, you will be:
    1. Asked to specify a password
    2. Signed in

After registering, please add your colleagues and update your contact details - see: How to change my, my team's, and my company's contact details (as a provider of goods and services) in 360.