How to advertise a request (e.g for tender, quote etc.) in 360 buyers' portal

The 360 providers' portal allows companies to tell 360 which region and industry they work in and be notified when a request is published.

Step-by-step guide

To promote a request so that it is listed on the provider portal's front page and emails are sent to interested providers:

  1. Sign-in to as a Request Manager or Boss User
  2. From the main menu, click on Request
  3. If using the new look:
    1. Click Drafts
    2. Click Configure against the request that needs to be promoted
    3. Click Request Dashboard (New Look)
    4. Click Categorisation
  4. If using the old look: 
    1. Select the desired request from the list
    2. Click on the Categorisation  icon
  5. Select ☆ Advertised ☆ under Filter & Outreach Campaign Ready heading

At this point, you have successfully advertised a request.

Advertised Request is a feature that is only available to Adcom account holders. Advertised Requests will appear under ☆ Advertised ☆ heading once they are released.

A notification email will be sent to all providers where providers' subscription filters match the categories selected by the request manager during the categorisation process. 360 will not send a message if there is no Product/Service and no Trade/Skill skill selected by a provider.