How to change my subscription filter (notification) preferences in 360

360 offers a free service to be notified when a request (e.g. for tender) is published.

Step-by-step guide

To receive notifications:

  1. Sign-in to (or for Buyers)
  2. From the left-hand-menu, click Subscription Filters
  3. To add a new filter:
    1. Click New Subscription Filter

      The new subscription filter is automatically saved

  4. To edit an existing filter:
    1. Click Edit against the desired subscription filter record
  5. To configure the subscription preferences:
    1. Select at least one Product/Service or Trade/Skill
    2. Select any other filter options to narrow-down the filter results
  6. Click Save & Apply
  7. To delete a filter click Delete Filter from the Subscription Filters list

How Categories and Subscription Filters Work

Filter results will match if a Product/Service or a Trade/Skill matches and one of each of the other categories matches the filter.
Note: to keep notifications as targeted as possible, 360 will not send a message if there is no Product/Service and no Trade/Skill.

Need a change to the category options? Contact