How to exclude evaluators from various parts of a request in the 360 buyers' portal - restrict price and/or sections

It is a good idea to restrict evaluators' access to some or all of the submitted responses if:

  • Prices tendered might influence an evaluator's assessment
  • Subject matter experts can only assess some questions
  • An individual has a potential conflict of interest with one or more providers (see notes below)
  • The assessment task is being distributed across the evaluation team (see notes below)

Step-by-step guide

To begin the process:

  1. Sign-in to as the Request Manager
  2. From the main menu, click Requests
  3. If using the new look:
    1. Either click:
      1. Drafts - If the request is not released
      2. Open / Pending / In Late Submission Period - If the request is released but not closed
      3. Closed / Awaiting Finalisation - If the request is released and closed
    2. If in Drafts requests list:
      1. Click Configure against the desired request
    3. If in Open or Closed requests list:
      1. Click Manage against the desired request
    4. Click Request Dashboard (New Look)
    5. Click Restrictions
  4. If using the old look:
    1. Select the request from the list
    2. Click on the   icon
  5. To restrict access to the prices tendered:
    Select the Price against the evaluators who will not be able to see any prices (including the responses to the Price/Discount List questions throughout in the questionnaire)
  6. To restrict access to the all question responses:
    Select All Sections against the evaluators who will not be able to see any section's questions
  7. To restrict access to the some question responses:
    Select the desired sections against the evaluators who will not be able to see each section's questions
  8. Click Save
  9. Enter an Audit Reason if requested
    1. Click Save


  1. It is safe to select and deselect restrictions after the evaluations have started. Restricted evaluators' scores will be ignored - not deleted.
  2. If a conflict of interest exists; it is the request manager's responsibility to manage the conflict.  Options include:
    1. Excluding the conflicted individual from the evaluation team
    2. Restricting the conflicted individual from commercial-in-confidence information
    3. Making the conflicted individual a non-scoring evaluator
  3. 360 does not support dividing the evaluation to-do list horizontally (groups of respondents) because some evaluators score more harshly than others, which can skew the rankings.
    If you have a vast number of responses such that it is impractical for an evaluator to score every response, please:
    1. Allocate evaluators to a sub-set of the responses (e.g. Mary & Hamid, you score A to L, Sam & I will score M to Z)
    2. Use the Consensus Evaluator feature review and standardise the assessments