How to add a reusable question to a request in 360


It is common for every approach to market to include the same standard questions such as Name, Address, Insurance Cover, Company Size, Workplace Health & Safety Policy, etc.

360 provides 2 methods of including standard questions:

  1. The Provider Info page

  2. Reusable questions and the Use Previous Response button

This article describes how a request manager can configure a reusable question.

Step-by-step guide

To configure a reusable question:

  1. Sign-in to as the Request Manager

  2. From the main menu, click Requests

  3. If using the new look:

    1. Click Drafts

    2. Click Configure against the desired request

    3. Click Old Look's Request Info

  4. If using the old look:

    1. Select the request from the list

  5. Click on the section name in the top menu

  6. Click on the  icon of the question that will be reusable

  7. For Is Reusable Question?, click on No - Create Correlation.

  8. Click Find Request to find the request that contains the question

  9. Expand the request and section lists and click Select for the question that is the same as the question being edited

At this point:

  • The selected question's text will be copied

  • A correlation ID will link the two questions

  • "No - Create Correlation" will be replaced with "Yes - View Correlated Question(s)."

Please note:

  • A correlation ID is always 20 characters in length

  • Click Yes - View Correlated Question(s) to see correlation ID if you need it for the Import Request function

  • Providers will see the Use Previous Response button if they have previously answered a question with the same correlation ID.

  • The questions can vary, but the question must be materially the same from one request to the next.