How to assess risk when evaluating a provider's response in 360


Sometimes evaluators will have doubts about a provider's response to a criterion.  If so, they have two options:

  1. Give the provider a lower score and say why in the comments

  2. Give the provider a full score and mark them down as being risky

Using a risk assessment separates the raw score from the risk assessed score, which can be helpful when making a final decision.

Step-by-step guide

To assess the risk for a request:

  1. Sign-in to as an Evaluator

  2. Follow the steps in How to evaluate a request (e.g. for tender) in 360 to start the evaluation process

  3. To include the risk assessment, click on the icon

  4. Enter the Reasons for this risk assessment. This includes the description of the risk.

  5. Select at least one context of the following for What is affected?

    1. Cost - Risk of blow-out

    2. Contract - Risk of variation

    3. Offer - Risk of not being fit-for-purpose

    4. Compliance - Risk of non-adherence to the contract

    5. Performance - Risk of delay

  6. Select the Consequence and Likelihood from the risk matrix

  7. Click Save and Back to complete the risk assessment

At this point, there is a Raw Score and Risk Assessed Score.

The VFM (value for money) algorithm uses the Risk Assessed Score and the Question Score to rank each provider.

Each cell of the risk matrix has a percentage if the selected cell is Low (10%); a Raw Score of 8 results in a Risk Assessed Score of 7.2.