How to categorise a request for most effective outreach in the 360 buyers' portal

For public requests, 360 has three main outreach features:

  1. Subscription Filters can be created for free so that an email is sent to each provider based on their preferences
  2. The ☆ Advertised ☆ option promotes requests (Only available ADCOM licence holders free of charge). 
  3. Providers can browse the Public Buyers list (Free of charge for all licence holders) 

For invitation-only requests, once published:

  1. Invitees receive an email created using the Published - Invitation email template
  2. The request automatically appears in the provider's Favourites list

This article describes how to configure the request to trigger subscription filters.

Step-by-step guide

To categorise our request for outreach:

  1. Sign-in to as the Request Manager
  2. From the main menu, click Requests
  3. If using the new look: 
    1. Click Drafts
    2. Click Configure against the desired request
    3. Click either:
      1. Request Info (Old Look)
      2. Request Dashboard (New Look)
  4. If using the old look:
    1. Select the request from the list
  5. Click on the Categorisation  icon
    The Request Categorisation page will display with advice:

    How Categories and Subscription Filters Work (advice when categorising)

    Subscription notifications are sent for public requests with a Product/Service or a Trade/Skill.
    Filter results will match if a Product/Service or a Trade/Skill matches and each of the other categories matches the subscriber's filter.

    This advice mirrors similar advice given to providers when they create their subscription filters:

    How Categories and Subscription Filters Work (advice when subscribing)

    Filter results will match if a Product/Service or a Trade/Skill matches and one of each of the other categories matches the filter.
    Note: to keep notifications as targeted as possible, 360 will not send a message if there is no Product/Service and no Trade/Skill.

  6. Click on the Request Type and Price Brackets tile (optional) and:

    1. Understand that most subscribers select (any) for these options
    2. Choose a Request Type (some subscribers are only interested in specific request types)
    3. Choose indicative prices (some subscribers are only interested in work that suits the scale of their business)
    4. Click Back
  7. Click on the Products and Services tile (recommended) and:
    1. Understand that this list has been designed to contain broad categories with groups with a specific focus on the types of work that local government councils need contractors to perform
    2. Choose products and services that the request is seeking to procure (or contact if a new product/service is required)
    3. Click Back
  8. Click on the Regions and Locations tile (recommended) and:
    1. Understand that most providers have selected all the areas that they are willing to operate in
    2. Choose Region/location that the work is required in (or contact if a new region/location is required)
    3. Click Back
  9. Click on the Trades and Skills tile (recommended) and:
    1. Understand that this is a list published by the Department of Home Affairs and is intended to be used to reach small businesses, labour-hire firms, and sole traders
    2. Choose the categories as appropriate
    3. Click Back
  10. Select All Done (required)
  11. Select ☆ Advertised ☆ (recommended)

Maximising Outreach Effectiveness

The Outreach Information Tile Indicates the number of subscription filters that will be triggered.  Through experimentation, you will see that it is most important to select:

  • Products and Services
  • Regions and Locations