How to evaluate a request in 360



As an evaluator, your responsibilities are to:

  • Alert the request manager if there’s a possible conflict of interest

  • Score every response

  • Justify your scores

  • Be careful and deliberate:

    • Talking out loud might influence your peers

    • Sharing information might breach confidentially policies

Step-by-step guide

To evaluate submissions:

  1. Sign-in to as an Evaluator or Non-Scoring Evaluator

  2. If using the new look: 

    1. Click Requests → For Evaluation

  3. Click View Responses for Evaluation

  4. If available, confirm I Have No Conflict of Interest to view the responses

  5. Browse to the responses using one of the modes:

    1. One Provider at a Time (best mode for complex requests for tender)

    2. One Question at a Time

    3. All Responses Grouped by Provider (best mode for simple requests for quote)

    4. All Responses Grouped by Question

  6. Select Scores for every response to every weighted question (if available)

  7. Add Reasons/Comments for your scores (Evaluation comments may be set to Optional, Mandatory, Required when weighted or Required when not scored 100% by the request manager)

  8. Optionally, click:

    1. View/Seek Clarifications (see How to seek clarifications to a provider's response in 360)

    2. View/Edit Tags

    3. View/Edit Risk Assessments (see How to assess risk when evaluating a provider's response in 360)

  9. Continue evaluating all responses until all tiles are marked as 100% complete.

Scores and Risk Assessments are used in 360’s VFM (Value for Money) Algorithm to rank each provider.
If you assess risk for one provider's response to a question, you must assess risk for all providers' responses to the question. See also: