How to rank responses

360's VFM (Value for Money) algorithm ranks respondents by:

  • Price

  • Qualitative Criteria

  • Qualitative vs Price (the Final Outcome)

  • Qualitative Criteria for Multiple Categories (as an ADCOM extension)

Step-by-step guide

To rank the respondents:

  1. Sign-in to as a Request Manager or Reporter

  2. Find the request in the Requests → Closed list and open its Request Dashboard

  3. From the Request Dashboard, select Responses → One Provider at a Time and check that the evaluation team has completed their task

  4. From the Request Dashboard again, select Rankings

At this point, you will see the respondents ranked by their Final Outcome.

If the evaluation team have not completed their evaluations, the rankings are likely to be inaccurate.  The Evaluation Status report indicates if each evaluator has been evaluated evenly (noting that a computer cannot know if the evaluator has evaluated fairly.).

For most requests, the Final Outcome is the most appropriate ranking; however, 360 offers more options:

  • Click Section Filter to select see rankings for qualitative criteria within each section or category
    This is an essential task for category-based requests, and for regular requests, it provides useful insights for decision-makers

  • Click Sort Order to sort by another ranking such as price, raw scores, or risk assessed scores
    Changing sort orders sometimes reveals insight that is beneficial to decision-makers

360 Report Builder can be configured to include rankings tables in the sort-orders above.  The report builder is there to help the request manager produce a narrative for decision makers' consideration.

Remember! 360 is a decision support system - not a decision-maker.