How to weight groups of criteria (sections) in 360 to make some more important than others

 To achieve procurement objectives, a good answer to an important criterion must be weighted more highly than a good answer to a trivial criterion 

360 uses comparison-of-importance (this criterion is relatively more important than that criterion) in its underlying algorithms to determine the best value for money.

In short, the important criterion must have a higher relative weight then the trivial criterion.

Step-by-step guide

To assign a weight to a section

  1. Sign-in to as the Request Manager
  2. From the main menu, click Requests
  3. If using the new look:
    1. Click Drafts
    2. Click Configure against the desired request
  4. If using the old look:
    1. Select the request from the list
  5. Click on the   icon
  6. Click on either:
    1.  icon of the section that will be weighted (made more or less important) or
    2. One of the Section which you want to add weight/importance.
  7. If clicked on one of the Section 
    1. Click Edit
  8. Enter the desired Relative Weight of this section compared to other sections
  9. Click Update

At this point, You have successfully updated the weight of a section.

Relative weighting is applied to both questions and sections.

  • The executive team should identify importance at a macro level (section weightings)
    For example: "Environmental Management" may be equally important as "Community Consultation" and only half as important as "Structural Integrity", so the sections' relative weights would be 5, 5, 10 (or a similar ratio)
  • The subject matter experts should identify importance at a micro-level (question weightings)
    For example: "Spill Containment Measures" maybe not be quite twice as important as "Dust Containment Measures", so the questions' relative weights would be 18, 10 (or a similar ratio)

Don't be tempted to use percentages.  Relative weights are far easier to work with than percentages, and 360 will calculate percentages for you.